During the sponsorship process, there are applications and reports required to submit to both our office and the Government of Canada. Below you will find templates for those reports. If you have questions on how to write your reports, refer to your sponsorship mentor as they have ample experience in writing and submitting.

These forms must be filled out with the refugees with your assistance or through an interpreter. Our office will guide you through this process and ensure full support as you submit them to the Government of Canada. Please check this link periodically. The forms are often updated and any old forms will be rejected.

All sponsors are REQUIRED to report finances for the newcomer family they are sponsoring from the beginning of the application all the way to the completion of the sponsorship year. Use this template to report all funds donated, raised and outstanding throughout the sponsorship process, both before arrival and during settlement. This report should be sent every 3 months.

For months three, six and 11, all sponsorship groups are REQUIRED to write a report on the sponsored family. Content to be reported includes how the family is using transportation, if medical needs are being addressed, employment status of family members, PR processing, concerns the sponsorship may have, issues developing and so much more. Use this template to provide all necessary information for reporting.

REQUIRED by all sponsorship groups, this report details the members of your group, the tasks assigned to each individual as well as their contact information. This form can also be found in the Forming a Group section.