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SAVE THE DATE: Sponsorship 101 - Victoria

Formerly known as Module 1, this Sponsorship 101 is required for ALL sponsorship groups for 2020. Even if the sponsorship group has sponsored in the past, all 2020 sponsorship groups will need to attend this informative meeting.

We will address the basics of sponsorship as well as program procedures for the sponsorship year. Topics will include:

  • What is required of a sponsorship group? What should we expect?

  • How do I raise the funds for the full year? How do we budget for the family?

  • What is a settlement plan?

  • What kinds of reporting will the Program require of our group?

  • How do I keep my group engaged with the refugee family as we wait for their arrival? How often should we meet and what do we meet about?

  • What types of supports should I use during my sponsorship? How do we draw healthy boundaries?

Light refreshments will be provided and a brown bag lunch is encouraged.

Location to be determined.

We look forward to having you there and are excited to support you in this amazing sponsorship journey.

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