Before your group can be approved for sponsorship, it is REQUIRED to fill out these documents. In addition, there are resources on how to manage your expectations, how to assign tasks to group members and a full perspective of what will happen in your year of sponsorship.

To create your group, each person IS REQUIRED to fill out this application. Inquiries on the application include previous volunteer experience, references, areas of interest and much more.

Required by all sponsorship groups, this report details the members of your group, the tasks assigned to each individual as well as their contact information. This form can also be found in the Applications and Reporting section.

This form is a comprehensive list of what will be required from your group for the full year of support. Information such as financial requirements to the newcomer family, the support of the Anglican Diocese, the newcomer responsibilities and much more.  It is an agreement that your group, the sponsored refugee(s) and our agency IS REQUIRED to sign upon arrival of the sponsored family.