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እንኮዕ  ደሓን መጻኲም


Bi xêr bî

السلام عليكم

أهلا وسهلا بك في السودان

we welcome


Belonging begins with a warm welcome. Sponsoring a refugee restores hope and a home. The need is great but the answer is simple. A journey of friendship and hope is waiting for you.

soo dhawaada

خوش آمدید

baga nagayaan dhuftan


What Can I Do?

The needs seem overwhelming. The stories are too hard to read. The possibility is uncertain. Yet the reality is helping a refugee takes many types of skills, talents, gifts, occupations, expertise and experiences. Helping someone can be simple.

You can organize. You can shop. You can cook. You can donate. You can transport. You can host events. You can be a friend. You can be the one to restore dignity, autonomy and respect to a person in need of a renewed spirit, heart and faith in humanity. All of this by being you.


Refugees Welcomed

Within the past five years, people like you have welcomed and befriended over 500 refugee newcomers to all parts of Vancouver Island.


Sponsorship Groups

We are privileged to be working with over 65 groups of people with a diverse set of beliefs, cultural backgrounds, faiths, and expertise across Vancouver Island.


25 million+
Refugees Waiting

The number of refugees is higher now than ever before in history. We would love to partner with you and enable the settlement of those waiting for a safe home.

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april 2018

". . . We want to welcome them with open arms and that's what we love to do as Canadians." 

Liza Glynn, Victoria Refugee Sponsor 



Get Involved

Sponsoring a refugee begins with a willing heart. We would love to assist you as you consider reaching out to refugees and becoming a sponsor. Partner with us on a life changing experience.

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