All refugee newcomers have been medically screened upon their entry into Canada. However, most still need medical care for past injuries, worsening health conditions and overall care. These organizations can help.

Clinics & Services

Island Health Medical Care for Newcomers
Supported by Island Health, this link provides information on what medical services are available to the newcomer family. A great resource to current practicing clinics who are offering medical care to newcomers.

Mental Health

Vancouver Island Counselling Centre for Immigrants and Refugees
This organization offers trained and professional counsellors and therapists who have a heart to see newcomers healed and supported as they transition in Canada. Services are provided in the Duncan and Nanaimo areas and include multi-lingual services.

Nanaimo Family Life Association
Serving the larger community of Nanaimo, this organization also supports the social and emotional well-being of newcomers. By providing group sessions to community outreach events, newcomers can find ample support as they struggle to process trauma and culture shock.