Our Refugee Sponsorship Program is supported by over 500 volunteers and through it, we have sponsored over 250 people fleeing war and oppression to come to Canada since 2015. 

Newly arrived refugees greet volunteers.

Newly arrived refugees greet volunteers.


 become a volunteer

We are currently seeking new volunteers to help meet the increasing demand for our newcomer support services. Opportunities for involvement are as varied as our volunteers, with flexible time commitments that will allow you to offer what you can, when you can. 

skills/ABILITIES needed.

  • Filing, sorting, organizing documents and office

  • Form and registration completion help

  • Creating databases

  • Taking pictures and gathering sponsorship stories

  • Community research

What is required?

  1. All of our volunteers must perform a background check. We have provided a form for you to fill out (located in the “Forming a Group” section of Sponsorship). Select the appropriate form for either South or North Island.

  2. Once the background check has cleared, we will discuss with you your availability, which sponsorship group you'd like to get involved with and what skills you can provide to help our growing needs.

  3. All of our volunteers go through a two-hour training session. This session will give you a comprehensive understanding of refugee sponsorship, cultural awareness and support for your new role as a volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out this form. Our staff will contact you.