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Our Mission

For the past three years, the Anglican Diocese of BC has and continues to connect newcomer families to local families here on the island. We provide support and care for refugee settlement through private sponsorships with communities of all backgrounds, regardless of religious affiliation.
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Our Purpose

People all over the world are fleeing their homes in search of safety and freedom. Vancouver Island is growing in her acceptance of newcomers and refugees. That is why we are an active part of the newcomer community, connecting families on the island with families all over the world.

The Anglican Diocese of BC operates as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, wherein we coordinate, organize and operate with the federal government to help enable private sponsorship of refugees on Vancouver Island. We have been coordinating refugee sponsorship since the refugees from Vietnam came in the 1970s. 

Today, the need is growing. Devastation, brought on by war, famine or economic unrest, is pushing people out of their home and they need our help.

“So happy to be here. I am willing to host a new Syrian family in my house: give a hand to a family, the same way Canada gave a hand to ours.”

a refugee in bc

Photo Credit: Gregor Craigie

Photo Credit: Gregor Craigie


Our Team

Our team is composed of dedicated, faithful and experienced community members of Vancouver Island. They are the heart and drive of refugee settlement.

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